Where To Find Academic Content for Your Dissertation

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Where To Find Academic Content for Your Dissertation

A dissertation is often the final process required to obtain a Ph.D. degree. Therefore, the research process can often be exhausting and tiring.  Most scholars experience a serious level of burnout at this point.

Completing a dissertation often takes several months, in most cases over a year. However, you have the option to hire a professional writer who writes dissertations. You need to make a sent request to write my dissertation to get the help you need. These experts are familiar with such tasks as they provide help for different people. Dissertation requires s specific style of writing to summarize the whole research in a specific order.

You will need a systematic way to write your dissertation without stress. This article contains everything you need to formulate a brilliant thesis.

What Are the Sources with Academic Content For Dissertations?

Ph.D. candidates need several materials to access information for their dissertations. The two common sources for dissertations are

●       Primary sources

●       Secondary Sources

Primary Sources

This source usually consists of direct data, which means that every information you get from this source was gathered and experienced by the writer. This type of document is always written from the author's point of view on a particular field of study.

Primary sources hardly contain theoretical breakdowns or terminologies. For example, reading a manuscript requires fundamental knowledge and understanding from the reader on that particular field or area of topic.

Primary sources are very useful in acquiring personal information on events and ideas. They are usually original works and accounts of the author, which are beneficial when formulating an individual thesis.

Common examples of primary documentation include:

●       Original accounts such as Diaries, manuscripts, Autobiographies, Written interviews, speeches, and so on

●       Original documents such as marriage certificates, transcripts, and birth certificates

●       Artistic writings such as novels, poems, music, videography.

●       Philosophical works such as research reports, case studies.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources relay the information and data gathered in a different source and tone. Contrary to primary sources, the writer of this account did not necessarily participate in the event.

The information provided in this type of source is usually more explanatory and well-detailed for all readers to understand. It often includes terminologies, definitions, relatable theories, ideologies, popular facts, and so on.

You mustn't have these works as reference purposes in your dissertation. Secondary sources are usually perfect for getting broken-down information to assist your dissertation research.

Examples of secondary documentation include:

●       Textbooks

●       Dictionaries

●       Biographies

●       Articles and journals

●       Essays

●       Newspaper editorials

●       Reviews

Is a dissertation a scholarly source?

Dissertations can also serve as a tool to develop another thesis. This is a type of primary source often used by other scholars to gather information for their personal views.

How to use Databases for Dissertations

Databases serve as an excellent source of dissertation support for scholarly research. Degree candidates seeking to complete their dissertations can locate the files and sources they need to finish their thesis.

These databases popularly come in A-Z format to enable users’ easy access and location of needed works for their research.

What is a database?

Database or research database comprises a comprehensive list of detailed information and sources based on the subject matter you are studying. This data archive consists of research articles, book references, and other useful sources.

The database format might include the names of authors, the title of the research article, keywords, or alphabetical layouts to find your desired information.

How to Correctly and Quickly Search for Information for a Dissertation

Searching for information and sources for a dissertation can often be difficult due to the extensive database. In most cases, people don't get their desired results or take longer to find. This is why you need a search method to access the information you need to write your thesis.

Identify your keywords

This is the first step in the process of knowing how to find a dissertation online. Get your hands closer to the sources you need by using your keywords.

You will find it easier to locate the files you need by breaking the concepts you're working on into relatable keywords. These keywords must match the contents you need. You can generate your keywords through similar terminologies or subject matter.

Combine your search inputs

For more accurate results, you should combine different terms and keywords. This is because search operators produce results based on the similarities of the phrase inputted. This also limits the number of times you have to make continuous searches on the same subject.

Make use of search techniques.

You can try out various search techniques to enhance the accuracy of the information provided to you. If you have trouble writing a dissertation, you can order the service of a writing expert in the UK.


Writing a dissertation takes a lot of effort and diligence, as it is the final hurdle to cross before attaining a Ph.D. degree. As an added tip, always remember to add references in your dissertation, especially when consulting a primary source.

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