Rivers in Nepal

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Rivers in Nepal

Rivers in Nepal

Nepal is a mountainous and land- locked country. It is the centre of beautiful scenery of the world. It is famous for its natural and cultural heritages. The country lies in the south of the Himalayan range and many rivers are originated from the Himalayas. The main source of rivers, are rain, snow and lakes. During summer, snow melts and due to this throughout the year our rivers are seen full of water. The rivers are originated from the north and mix up with the Gangas river. Undoubtedly, Nepal is rich in water resources.

Water resource is one of the important factors among 5 elements which are essential for our life. So, the life of anybody can’t be imagined without water. We have a large number of rivers and most of them are originated from the Himalayas. In the eastern part of our country, the Saptakoshi river flows, which is composed of seven tributaries: Indrawati, Sunkoshi, Tamakoshi, Dudhkoshi, Likhu, Tamar, Arun. Gandaki which has 7 tributaries flows in the middle of the country. The Karnali is famous in west. Besides these Mahakali, Babai, Rapti, Bagmati, Karnali, Bhadramati, Vishnumati, Rudramati etc. are the important rivers of Nepal. All these rivers have vast masses of water which need to be utilized.

Nepal is the second richest country in the water resources. We can generate more than 83000 mw electricity from the rivers. At present, Trishuli, Kulekhani, Marsyangdi, Gandaki, Devighat, Sunkoshi are used to generate electricity.

Due to the destruction of the forest, many rivers are endangered. Landslides and floods are caused due to deforestation. So, rivers become narrow because many houses, cultivated lands, cattle are being flooded and millions of rupees are washed away each year.

Finally, Nepal, though it is rich in vast natural resources, river is one of the important natural resources of our country. There can be no other way out expect generating water resources of Nepal and to develop its economy to raise the living standard of people. It can be used for irrigation to cultivate land. I am sure we can develop our country by using rivers like other developed countries.

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