The Atmosphere

Subject: Science

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  • Notes 3
  • Videos 3
  • Exercises 20
  • Practice Test 13
  • Skill Level Medium


Upon completion of this lesson, the students should be able to:
  • Describe different layers of atmosphere.
  • Describe about ozone layer depletion and role of CFCs on depletion.
  • Explain the importance and uses of artificial green house.
  • Explain air pollution and acid rain.


Ozone Layer

The ozone layer shields the earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. The ozone layer not only absorbs ultraviolet radiation but also the radiation of wavelength less than 3x10-7 m. This note is detailed explanation of ozone layer, its formation, depletion and measures to conserve it. Learn More


The artificial house which is made by glass or plastic inside which the temperature will be more than the outer environmental temperature is called greenhouse. Artificial greenhouse provides controlled environment for plants. This note explains what is greenhouse, its advantages and disadvantages. Learn More

Industrial Gases and Climate Change

Those gases which are released from the chemicals of various industries are called industrial gases. Commonly it contains carbon-di-oxide, carbon-mono-oxides mono-oxides of nitrogen. This note explores the effect of industrial gases on environment.

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