Tourism Industry and Its Importance

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The people who travel or visits different new places for different purposes is called a tourist. This note provides the brief introduction about foreign tourist, domestic tourists and its importance for the development of the nation.
Tourism Industry and Its Importance


The people who travel or visits different new places for different purposes is called a tourist. They travel various place for various purposes that may be business, pleasure, adventure, to spend holidays, pilgrimage and many more. There are two types of tourists, they are:

Domestic or internal tourist:

The people who travel from one place to another within their own country for various purposes are called domestic or internal tourists. For example, if the student of Kathmandu is in Pokhara for their educational tour, they are called domestic tourists.

International or foreign tourist:

Those people who travel from one country to another for a certain period of time are called international or foreign tourist. International tourists need a visa to go from one country to another country.

Reasons for traveling:

(a) To enjoy during the holidays.

(b) To see and learn the lifestyle of other people.

(c) For pilgrimage.

(d) To visit famous places.

(e) To escape from severe climate.

Importance of tourism in Nepal:

The importance of tourism in Nepal are as follows:

(a) Source of foreign currencies:

Foreign currencies are very important for the country and tourism is the main source of foreign currency of Nepal. Nepal exports very few and cheap goods to other country and imports several goods. If Nepal can earn more foreign currencies it can uplift its economic status at large extent.

(b) Support cottage and handicraft industries:

When a foreign tourist visits Nepal, they are attracted towards the handicrafts products they are manufactured in typical Nepali style using local raw materials which support cottage and handicrafts industries.

(c) Development of physical infrastructures:

Conceptualization of Metro in Nepal.

Tourism helps to develop the physical infrastructures of the nation. To provide proper accommodation to the tourist government are concentrated to develop physical infrastructures. Thus, physical infrastructures are ultimately developed.

(d)Conservation of arts and culture:

Tourists are attracted towards our arts, culture, traditions, historical sites, monuments, etc. which ultimately helps to preserve arts and culture.

(e) Increase in trade:

When tourists are interested in the different Nepalese product, they demand such goods in their own country as well which help to develop international trade.

(f) Publicity of Nepal to the world:

With the help of tourism, Nepal has become famous in the world for its natural beauty. When more tourist visits our country diplomatic relation will be established with other countries. There will be more demand for Nepalese product in the world market.

Problems created by tourist industry:

The tourism industry is very important for the developing country like Nepal but it has created some problems as well. Some of the problems created by tourism are as follows:

a. Increase pollution:

When more tourists come to Nepal, they also tend to increase the pollution. Especially when they go for trekking, they take tents along with packed food and cans. After having the food, they throw the plastics and other rubbish which increases pollution.

b. Diseases and drugs:

A tourist who visits Nepal might be suffering from several diseases and that gets spread through various means. Some of them also use drugs. They might sell drugs in our country.

Nepalese youth may also copy their habits too.

c. Effect in local culture:

Tourist is from different countries with different cultures. There are such things in their culture which are not suitable for us. Due to the influence of western culture, Local culture disappears.

d. Environmental effect:

Due to more flow of tourists, deforestation takes place. Wildlife is disturbed and it may cause extinction and antique things may disappear. At the same time, tourists prefer foreign goods rather than our local products. So most of our currencies go to the foreign countries.

Things to remember
  •  The people who travel from one place to another within the country for various purposes  are a domestic tourist.
  • Those people who travel from one country to another for a certain period of time are an International or foreign tourist.
  • Importance of tourism in Nepal: Source of foreign currencies, support cottage and handicraft industries, development of physical infrastructures, conservation of arts and culture, Increase in trade, publicity of Nepal to the world, problems created by tourist industry, increase pollution, diseases and drugs, affect in local culture and environmental effect
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers
Tourist industry is a service -oriented industry which provides tourist related services like lodging, fooding, etc. by establishing modern restaurants, guest houses, lodges, hotels etc. In other words the profession of servicing the tourist is tourism industry.

A tourist is anyone who travels from home to somewhere new, usually for leisure, and to be in a different situation but also for business or to a conference.

Six percent of the national income is derived from the tourism in Nepal.

People travel to visit new places to know about various places and the people and their culture, values, norms, etc. to have fun, to spend holidays, for adventure, etc.
People who travel within their own country for recreation, holiday, health religion, sports, business, family meeting, seminars and officials meeting are called domestic tourists.

People who move from their own country to another country are called international tourists. When a British or a German or Japanese come to Nepal, such a person is called international tourist.

Ans: I have been a tourist several times. I have been to Manakamana, Janakpur, Lumbini, Pokhara, Kathmandu and Okhaldhunga as a domestic tourist. I have visited these places with my parents in winter and summer vacations for entertainment and pilgrimage.

Yes, I have met many tourist moving across the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square and Pokhara. They were taking photographs and observing historical and archeological Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square. Some seemed to be taking rest in restaurant.

The five positive impacts of tourist coming in Nepal are:

  • Tourism helps to develop the economic condition of a country as it helps to earn foreign currency.
  • As the tourist visit different places of Nepal, they also come across and get to know about our culture by seeing different dances, hearing different songs, and celebrating festivals. In this way, our culture can be known throughout the world.
  • From tourists, we can learn many good things. We can develop good habits such as cleanliness taking hygienic food, learning new languages and broaden our outlook.
  • Increase the chances of job and industries and trade can develop well.
  • Develops the infrastructures like transportation communication electricity, etc in the society.

The five negative impacts of tourists coming to Nepal are:
  • When more tourists come to Nepal, they also tend to increase the pollution. Especially when they go for trekking, they take tents along with the plastics and tin and cans (drinks). So, after the food is finished, they throw the plastics and tin cans wherever they want: this increase pollution.
  • Many tourists that come from other countries bring AIDS and spread through various means. They also take drugs, Nepal youth also adopt them. Many people are engaged in the business of drugs. So, they do more harm to us than good.
  • Tourists are from foreign countries and they have very different culture. There are such things in their culture which are not in ours, like free sex, kissing in the open area, roaming around rude, etc. It is a matter of cultural shock for Nepalese. Hence, many changes occur or local culture disappears.
  • Many people become unemployed during off-seasons and profit goes to overeseas companies.
The following factors have created clean environment for tourist to visit.
  • People get seasonal vacation (summer, winter, Dashain, etc.) every year. Some employees get long holidays after a tiring schedule in the office or on the war front. Then they like to travel for some time.
  • People travel to different countries with the aid of fast means of transport like airplanes, ships, electric trains and cable cars.
  • People also travel to place just for recreation and research.
In the places where people cannot grow crops, the tourist should manage food, transport, and place to sleep themselves: the following points show the advantages and disadvantages of this:
1. People cannot travel as their plan, and
2. The food and place to sleep can be hardly managed.
1. Vehicles can be used as per wish, and
2. Self-managed food and place to sleep would be better.
The main objectives, for which tourist visit Nepal are as follows:
  • To celebrate holidays.
  • To climb mountains and go trekking.
  • To promote and carry on business.
  • Pilgrimage.
  • To carry on official work.
  • To take part in conferences.
  • To study Nepalese life style.
About 350000 tourist visit Nepal every year.

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Five advantages of tourism are:
  • Provides employment to the people.
  • Helps to earn foreign currency.
  • Contribution to the development of economy of the country.
  • Promotes globalization of our culture and its exchanges.
  • Helps to broaden the outlook and mental horizon of the people.

On an outlook of physical and religious aspects, Nepal is an incomparable country in the world. The teeth shaped mountain mighty and magnificent mountains ranges are in the north. Some of the highest mountain peaks including the world's highest and third highest Mt. lie in these ranges. The lofty grassland on the foot adds the beauty of Himalayas. The laughing streams, fast flowing rivers, lakes, world's deepest Georges and the world's deepest valley also lure tourist. Panoramic views river basins, cave, caverns and lakes of hilly region equally spellbound the tourist.
Nepalese architectures are said to be matchless in the world. The majority of the pilgrimages such as temples, shrines monasteries located in towns and cities and a few of them lie far in remote hilly areas like Gosainkunda, TatoPani, Muktinath, etc. tourists can come to see, worship and enjoy in these places. This way Nepal has a great potentiality of tourism development.

Tourism industry in a broader sense refers to the aspect of tourism in which a total related people perform various tourist targeted service and activities like lodging, fooding various sorts of entertainment, trekking, camping through hotels, lodges, travels agencies, airlines, etc.
Various landmarks in various countries throughout the world have peculiar natural beauties, geographical surprises, and uniqueness. All these things provoke people to visit and enjoy those places. Nepal is one of the most potential destination site for any tourists of the world which can provide extreme satisfaction and pleasure enriched with glorious tall Himalayas, panoramic views and sight-seeing, lakes, valleys, trekking sites. A country almost unknown to most of the people of the world, which is landlocked and slow pacing in development, can make an extreme turnover from tourism. It can infact, become as only glorious reason of resource to change the destiny of our people and the country. But we have lots of problems behind. The importance of tourism can be enlisted below:

  • It helps earning foreign currency
  • Promotion of art and craft
  • Opportunity of Employment
  • Support to cottage industries
  • Support for the infrastructures
  • More change of revenue collection
  • Expansion of culture and tradition
  • Our country's publicity

Nepal underwent with serious political instabilities during 2052-62. The civil war during this period thrashed peace, order and its images around the world. Nepal's the most reliable source of economy is tourism. It can be supportive for our prosperity and unity. To promote the tourism Nepal Government officially announced the year 2011 was declared with a special opening ceremony at the Dashrath stadium by President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. Since then many formal and informal ceremonies have been held at various places. It had announced with aggressive target of welcoming about 10 lakes of tourists in Nepal within 2011.
Nepal is a landlocked country and economically far back warded. Tourism is the greatest hope, expectations for the promotions of our country. The importance are as follows:

  • It can give support to economic strengthening:
  • The utilization of art and skill
  • Employment Opportunities can be created
  • Infrastructures of development can be promoted
  • Nepal can have more publicity
  • A positive and diverted development
Tourism is an important industry that is flourishing fast in the world. It includes all the activities rendered to tourists, such as fooding, lodging entertaining, etc.
In the context of our country, this industry has got more scope as it is rich in natural and cultural heritages. One can see panoramic view of magnificent snow capped mountains, rivers hiss etc., here and our country can have many benefits. Its importance can be highlighted in the following ways;
  • Creation of Job
  • Earning of foreign currency
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Conservation of art and culture
  • Publicity of Nepal in the world
  • Increase in government revenue.

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