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Any substance which affects body and mind is called a drug.Regular use of a drug which makes the users dependent on the substance in order that they can't live without it is called drug abuse. This is a note about Drugs effects, cause, solution and so on.

Drug :

Any substance which affects body and mind is called a drug.

Drug abuse:

Regular use of adrug which makes the users dependent on the substance in order that they can't live without it is called drug abuse.

Causes of Drug abuse:

1. Bad company
2. To reduce anger, anxiety
3. Not getting love, affection from parents, community etc.
4. Broken home
5. Strong network of drug dealers
6. Influence of advertisement etc.

Effects of Drug:

1. Lose of physical health
2. Becomes abnormal and insane
3. Becomes aggressive and criminal
4. Suffer from various diseases
5. Involved in crimes
6. Personal effects
7. Personal career affected.

Detection of drug Use:

1. Dry lips
2. Yellow and curled complexion
3. Partly sunken eyes
4. Likes dark color
5. Lose of physical fitness
6. Afraid of police

Solutions of drug Abuse:

1. Avoiding bad company
2. Strong laws against sellers
3. Mass awareness
4. Strong determination for quitting adrug.
5. Increase in rehabilitation center

Some types of Drugs:

1. Marijuana/ Hashish: It is used with marijuana plant mixed with tobacco and smoke. Gives the feeling of sleepiness.
2. Smack and Heroine: It is white or brown and used by injection or nasal inhalation.
3. Cocaine: It is used by sniffing. It is white in color

Suppose your friend request you to take. What will you do?

If I am requested to take drugs, I will politely reject them and suggest him not to take drugs further. I will tell him the bad effects of drugs on health, family, and social status. If he keeps on taking drugs he will die. I will avoid his friendship and never take drugs myself.

Various disease caused by drugs:

1. Throat cancer
2. Lung cancer
3. Liver ulcer
4. Aids
5. Hepatitis
6. Brain hemorrhage
7. esophagus Ulcer.

Things to remember
  • Regular use of a drug which makes users dependent on it and can't live without it is drug abuse.
  • Drug abuse cause a serious problem like loss in weight, become abnormal, become aggressive, suffer from various diseases, at last, it causes the death of the user.
  • Strong determination, avoiding bad company, strong laws against users, mass awareness, etc. are the solutions for drug abuse.
  • Smack and Heroine is used by injection or nasal inhalation.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers

To reduce involvement of young generation from taking drugs, the society should work together with the young people to create awareness among them regarding its causes and effects.

Any four measures that should be done to reform the drug addicted youth are as follows:
  1. Society, family and friends should show sympathy, positive attitude and love to improve them.
  2. Rehabilitation centers should help them to regain their creative lives.
  3. Government or NGOs should aware the youths through various campaigns against drug abuse and addiction.
  4. Parents/guardians should try to understand the problems of their children and should provide proper environment, care and counseling at home.

I am not much satisfied with the role played by state in controlling drug abuse because of the following reasons:

  1. Though there is law against drug abuse, it has not been strictly implemented by the state.
  2. In some cases, the drug abusers have been arrested but are freed within dew days because of their nexus with the political leaders and other people in power.
  3. The penalty to the abusers is very less comparing it to the income they earn through drug abuse.
  4. Government has always been failing in security management against drug trafficking especially in the border area.

It is being difficult to control the drug trafficking because of the weak administrative mechanism.

As a student of a school, I also feel that students in schools and colleges are habitual in smoking. A survey made by a non-governmental organization has shown that one of three smokes in school and colleges. There are several reasons responsible for:
  1. Influence of bad companion is the most responsible factor for this.
  2. The children of broken family feel ignored from the elders and parents and take smoking as means to relieve from tension.
  3. Influence of media and an attitude of show off encourage youths to smoke.
  4. Excessive freedom and enough supply of money for the children take them to such a bad habit.
If a close friend asked me to try a drug, I would reject the proposal. I would tell him not to take drugs time and again. I would demonstrate the bad effects of drugs in one's life. I wouldn't be late to do every type of task to avoid the person's drug taking habit.

A drug is any substance which affects our mind, our emotion and also damages our body.

'Dangers of drinking alcohol and suggestion for controlling the supply'
A puff of cigarette, a sniff if tobacco, a gulfp of wine, beer or may plung you into mire later. Do not take them even for the sake of socializing. Once attempt, ever doomed. Following are the dangers of alcohol:

  1. Mental depression r damage of brain due to fights, accidents and addiction.
  2. Cancer of throat and stomach.
  3. Hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and vitamin deficiency.
  4. Danger to nerves.
  5. Stomach ulcers and then caner.
  6. Death of baby of pregnant woman.
Rising awareness is the major solution to drug prevention. It is possible in the following ways:
  1. Through posters, pamphlets, circulation.
  2. Through no drug advertisement of radio, television, newspapers etc.
  3. Through new course of study which includes these things at all levels.
Alcohol is a drug for a person, a fuel for cars and a solvent for grease. Alcohol does not kill a person instantly but it is a slow process. People drink it due to the following reason:
  1. For the sake of pleasure.
  2. Due to friend's pressure.
  3. As a sign of entrance to the adulthood.
  4. To please god.
  5. For the feeling of superiority.
  6. Due to some cultural values and norms.

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