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Concept, features, applications, types and Basic terms of Word Processing, Concept, Feature, Use, Types and Basic Fundamentals of Spreadsheet, Formating Worksheet, Creating and Working with charts, Managing Workbook, General Function and Formula, Data Filter and Sorting, Working with Other Objects, Data Analysis and Pivot Table, What if- Analysis


Presentation: Concept and Basic Fundamentals

It is collection of information and data which has to be delivered to an audience or learners. A presentation has several constraints, among which having a limited time to present consistent information is the most important. Presentation Program is useful for business meetings and conferences, both face to face and teleconferenced. MS PowerPoint, IBM Lotus, Apple Keynote, etc are examples of Presentation Program. Learn More

Presentation: Editing, Designing, Formatting and others.

A presentation can be edited by using several menus. View, Insert, Design or Animation to name some. Designing and formatting of a presentation is done by using format menu. Slide design allows using pre-designed backgrounds for your slides. Slide transitions look fancy if not distracting when overused. So, it is better to keep it at minimum. The font which is associated with the text is the way your words will look when they are typed. Learn More

Word Processor

This note is all about the word processor and about the concept to use it. It deals with the editing, formatting of the pages in a word processor. It also contains the working and editing text of the paragraph with some shortcut to use it. Learn More

Word process: Editing and formatting pages

This note is all about editing and formatting pages, table and templet. It show how to work using various tools in word process. Learn More

Word process: Drawing and working with Graphics

This note contain the use of graphics and drawing and their use in ms word. It also contain the use of chart and document collaboration. Learn More


A spreadsheet is a table of values arranged in row and column. Each value can have a predefined relationship to the other values. If one value is changed, other values need to be changed as well. Learn More

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