Logic Function and Boolean Algebra

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Logic Function and Boolean Algebra, Truth Table, Boolean Expression and Logic Gates, Laws of Boolean, De Morgan's Theorem. Venn diagram and its representation of logic gates


Binary calculation and Venn diagram

This note is about the venn diagram used in boolean algebra. It contains the venn diagram of different logic gate with their picture and calculation of binary number. Learn More

Laws of Boolean Algebra and De Morgan's Theorem

This note describes about the Boolean Algebra and De Morgan's Theorem. It also proves the theorems of De Morgans by the help of graphical symbol and truth table. Boolean Algebra is Mathematics that is used to analyze digital gates and circuits. We can use “Laws of Boolean” to reduce and simplify a complex. Boolean expression to reduce the number of logic gates. De Morgan's theorem is associated with Boolean algebra . Learn More

Truth table, Boolean expression and Logic gates

This notes provides the description about the truth table and different types of logical gates. The truth table is a table of all possible combinations of the variables showing the relation between the values that variables may take and the result of the operation. Learn More

Logic Function and Boolean Algebra

Boolean algebra is the algebra of logic that deals with the study of binary variables and logical operations. It was founded by the mathematician George Boole.Boolean variables are the variables which have only two states i.e. true/ false or right/ wrong or on/off or 0/1. Boolean function or more commonly known as a logic function is an expression expressed algebraically. There are 3 logical operators: AND, OR and NOT. Learn More

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