Key Figures in the History of Sociology and Anthropology and their Selected Contribution

Subject: Sociology

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History of sociology and anthropology. A.Comte, Maw Weber, EB Tylor and B.Malinowski


Key Figures in the History of Sociology

A positive philosophy is an empirical observation and logical understanding that could reveal the working of social affairs and could also be a tool in the creation of better society. Positivism is all about society and human thought progress. Class is all about market situation shared by individuals. Similarly, power determines the status of individual in the society. Learn More

Key Figures in the History of Anthropology

E.B Tylor is the founding member of British School of Anthropology; he has a great contribution on Evolution of Culture and Religion. Tylor was of the opinion that the study of culture is essentially a historical study. For him, anthropology is the study of man’s development in course of history. For him, soul, spirit, dream, death, natural power and supernatural power, human beings and superhuman beings all are the components of religion. Malinowski is of the view that if a society is to be properly studied, the culture of that society should be understood at first because that gives a glance in the social life of the people. Every individual makes some adjustment to live smoothly in the society and helps in the development of social culture. Learn More

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