Furniture and Glass / Windows cleaning

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Furniture are usually a upholstery item in a hotel which is used in various purposes where s glass and windows are brittle substances used in hotel. Therefore care must be taken while cleaning.
Furniture and Glass / Windows cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

In the hotel industry, furniture is probably used in most of the places. It can be used as beds, windows, chair, tables, sofa, dining table, chairs, side stations, racks, stairways and for other numerous purposes. Of all the furniture, wood is highly preferable because of its durability and eye appealing quality. Other than wood, the various types of furniture used in a hotel establishment are Cane or wicker, Upholstered furniture, Leather, Plastic, Metal (iron, steel, bass, etc) and so on. The furniture should be functional and attractive. A guest should be appealed by the furniture. The engineering department is responsible for maintaining furniture. Following points should be considered while taking care of furniture:

  • Avoid scratching or banging furniture.
  • Remove the dirt, dust or stains present in the furniture as soon as possible.
  • Furniture should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly including inside and back on a daily basis by housekeeping department.
  • The engineering department should check on the furniture more often to see whether it is functioning properly or not.
  • To avoid the heat damage o resistant wear, rotate the position of furniture in the room.
  • Periodically apply suitable polish on the furniture.

Following things should be taken care of while selecting furniture.

  • Comfort: The furniture should be comfortable. So that the guest can use it easily without any kind of difficulty.
  • Durable: The furniture should be durable or long lasting. It should not wear or tear easily. The durability of furniture totally depends on its construction and the standard of material used in it.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: The furniture should be designed in such a way that it can be cleaned easily. Each piece of furniture should have a 25 cm gap from the floor to its base for easy cleaning.
  • Easily movable and flexible: Housekeeping wok can be easier when furniture can be easily moved from one room to another. For that purpose casters, a wheel is fitted on heavier pieces of furniture so that they can be easy moved from one place to another.
  • Versatile: Furniture should always be versatile. It should be versatile in such a way that it can suit for more than one purpose.
  • Style: Furniture should be stylish. It should maintain the standard of the hotel and even enhance it as the atmosphere to be achieved depends on the design and style of the furniture to a extend. But the cost should be maintained while selecting furniture.
  • Cost: The cost of the furniture should be in a budget of the hotel and that suits the standard of the hotel.

In hotel furniture are basically grouped into the following:

  • Free standing furniture, e.g. chairs, bed stands, tables, racks, etc.
  • Built in furniture, e.g. wardrobe, bookracks, office racks, Whitney racks, kitchen racks, etc.
  • Fitted furniture, e.g. closets, shelves, fitted beds, etc.

Furniture Cleaning Procedure

As furniture is an integral part of a hotel industry and affects the standard of the hotel, it’s cleaning and maintenance is deemed important. The housekeeping department should coordinate with the re-engineering department to prolong the life of the furniture.

Materials and equipment required for cleaning furniture

  • Broom
  • Bucket and basin
  • Cold water
  • Warm soapy water solution
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia solution
  • Polish or elbow grease
  • Salt solution

Following are the process of cleaning furniture

  • Dust the furniture regularly to remove the soil present in the furniture from back and even inside if possible and make it clean.
  • If the surface is found sticky or greasy wash with tepid water or vinegar solution or with warm soapy water and ammonia solution.
  • Allow resting for few minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water, vinegar and salt solution.
  • Wipe the excess moisture.
  • Allow it to dry in the open air or under the sun.
  • Apply polish or elbow grease to shine the furniture.

Glass and Window Cleaning

The glass is a transparent material which is made from silica or sand and soda ash. There are different types of glass used in a hotel industry. They are:

Some of the types of glasses used in hotel room are:

  • Sheet glass (This glass has flaws)
  • Fiberglass/ float glass
  • Sheet glass
  • Obscured glass
  • Safety glass
  • Laminated glass

Materials and equipment required for glass and windows cleaning are:

  • Apron
  • Plastic sheet
  • Duster
  • Bucket
  • Detergent powder
  • Newspaper
  • Nylon scrubber
  • Vinegar

Glass and window cleaning process

The glass is a solid and sensitive material which is brittle. So care must be taken while cleaning it. Housekeeping staff should have the knowledge about the care and cleaning of the glass used for furnishing in the hotel. The usual practice of glass and window cleaning is explained below:

  1. Collect all the equipment and materials.
  2. Wear the apron and cover the working area under glass and window with the help of plastic sheet.
  3. Dust the articles with a clean duster.
  4. Make a solution of detergent and water in a bucket.
  5. Take nylon scrubber and apply a very little amount of water and clean the glass in clockwise motion removing all the stains.
  6. Again clean the article with a duster.
  7. Take a piece of newspaper and clean the articles removing all the stains.
  8. Eventually, clean the working area.

Precautions to be taken while cleaning glass is:

  1. Do not wet the article with too much of water.
  2. If marks are seen on the glass, use thinner to remove before the application of soap and water.
  3. Vinegar can be added for extra shining.
  4. If the article has got a wooden frame, do not apply water on it. Use dry duster only.


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Things to remember
  1. Furniture can be used as beds, windows, chair, tables, sofa, dining table, chairs, side stations, racks, stairways and for other numerous purposes in a hotel.
  2. Furniture should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly including inside and back on daily basis by housekeeping department.
  3. Glass is a solid and sensitive material which is brittle. So care must be taken while cleaning it.
  4. Discarded news paper are very effective for glass cleaning.


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