Perimeter, Area and Volume

Subject: Compulsory Maths

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All the Triangle , Circle , Square, and Rectangle are plan figure . The total length of the boundary lines of plan figure is called its perimeter. This note give information about the perimeter of solid figures . Learn More

Area of Plane Figures

The plane surface enclosed by the boundary line of a plane closed figure is known as its area . The area is always measured in the square unit. For example,cm2 , mm2,m2etc . This note gives information about different solid figure and also its formula. Learn More

Nets and Skeleton Models of Regular Solids

This note gives information about, Cylinder, Cone ,Cube ,Tetrahedron, and Octahedron. Learn More

Area of solids

Some an example of solids is like , Cube , cuboid , sphere , cone , pyramid , etc. Length , breadth, and height are three dimensions of solid objects .This note gives information about the volume and area of a cuboid and another solid figure also . Learn More

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