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Nepal's Natural Resources

Nepal is a small beautiful country full of natural resources. Natural resources are the gift of nature found in the earth. It can’t exist from the world. It plays a vital role in the human and animal’s life. It also provides the information about different types of likes forest, soil, minerals, water etc. Learn More


Our country is an agro-based country. The economy of Nepal is dependent upon agriculture. It is the main source of income of Nepalese people. About 80% of Nepalese people are engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is known as the backbone of the economy of Nepal. It also gives the information about the importance, problems and solutions related to agriculture. Learn More


An industry is the group of people working in enterprises to form a final product. There are various kinds of industries which produce different products like gold, beverages, steel, textiles, lumber and other physical items. There are also other industries which provide transportation services to the people like an airline, railway, road etc. and also other industries which provide food and beverage services like restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc. Learn More


The process of buying and selling of goods and services on a market is known as trade. It is used in our daily life. All the goods and services that we find in our surroundings is the result of trade. This chapter also gives information about the types of trade, trade in Nepal, diversification of trade, benefits of trade diversification etc. Learn More

Services and other Occupation

A service is a social, economic activity where an intangible exchange of value occurs. Services are intangible which cannot be touched, gripped handled, smelt, tasted etc. This chapter also provides the information about the non-government organization (NGOs), governmental organization (GOs) and other different organizations etc. Learn More

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