We, Our Community and Our Nation

Subject: Social Studies

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Origin and Development of Society

The origin of Society is the evolutionary emergence of human social organization. It is an important topic within evolutionary biology, anthropology, and prehistory of human beings. It is a continuous development from unorganized to organised, and from less perfect to more perfect. Various factors helped in its development from time to time. Learn More


Socialization is the process of social interaction by which people acquire those behaviors essential for effective participation in society. It is the process of becoming a social being. It is essential for the renewal of culture and the perpetuation of society. The individual and society are mutually dependent on socialization. Learn More

Formation of DDC

Our country is divided into 14 zones and 75 districts . It is divided so to carry out the overall development of a country which is a responsibility of District Development Committee (DDC) of a district. Districts are further divided into small illakas to carry out development work smoothly and effectively. There may be 9 to 13 illakas in each district, which is also known as VDCs and municipalities of a district. Learn More

Power and Functions of District Development Committee(DDC)

District Development Committee is a committee which is established in a district to carry out all the administrative and clerical functions of a district. These committees are intended to encourage decentralization in decision making and provide a responsive and responsible administration by involving in different kinds of district's function. Learn More

District and Development

District and development are perceived as an opportunity for enabling communities to take charge of planning processes for their district. And also for their development needs and priorities. So, it will be necessary to establish district level community which will lead to the development process. Learn More


Transportation is the means that helps people and their commodities to move from one place to another. It is a basic infrastructure of a nation. There are various means of transportation used in our daily life. Learn More


Communication is the transmission of a message from a sender to a receiver in an understandable manner. The importance of effective communication is immeasurable in the world of business and in personal life. Effective communication is necessary for our daily life. It has become clear that effective communication is critical to the successful operation of the modern enterprise. Every person needs to understand the fundamentals of effective communication. Learn More

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