Earth and Space

Subject: Science

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Lesson Info

  • Notes 3
  • Videos 6
  • Exercises 35
  • Practice Test 20
  • Skill Level Medium


Upon completion of this lesson, students must be able to:
  • Describe about different planets of solar system.
  • Describe about satellites asteroids and stars.
  • Describe what are constellation with examples.


Origin of the Earth

The origin of the earth is directly related to the origin of the solar system as the earth is a member of the solar system. This note provides us with an information about the origin of the earth. Learn More

Phases of the Moon

When we observe the sky daily for some days, we find that the moon changes its shape every day. It is called phases of the moon. This note provides us with an information on the phases of the moon. Learn More

Season Change

When the earth moves nearer to the sun-earth becomes hotter and when the earth moves farther to the sun-earth becomes cooler. Due to this phenomena, earth experiences a different season. This note provides us with an information on the change of season due to revolution. Learn More

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