Business Organization

Subject: Accountancy

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Business Organization


Introduction of Business Organization

This note provides you with the introduction and meaning of Business organization. Learn More

Partnership Organization

Partnership organization has been developed to overcome the major limitation of a sole trading concern. This note provides you with the introduction, characteristics, advantages and types of partnership organization. Learn More

Sole Trading Concern

Sole trading is the oldest and simplest form of business organization. It is a business organization, in which an individual contributes the whole amount of capital, manages the business himself or herself, bears all the risks alone, enjoys all the profits and suffers all the loss. This note provides you with the meaning, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of sole trading concern. Learn More

Types of Company in Nepal

A company which is established under a special act passed by the parliament is known as a statutory company. A company which is established in 'Nepal under Nepal Company act, 2053' is called known as a limited company. This note has information about types of company in Nepal. Learn More

Joint Stock Company

This note of class 9, provides you with the introduction, meaning and characteristics of joint stock company. Learn More

Public Enterprises

Public enterprises is established by the government contributing total or majority capital. This note provides you with the introduction, meaning and characteristics of public and enterprises with its objectives. Learn More

Co-operative Organization

co- operative organization is the form of organization which is established by the people of weaker of the society to uplift their social and economic condition. This note provides the introduction, characteristics and types of Co- Operative Organization. Learn More

Co- Operative Organization in Nepal and Its Importance

Co- operative started in Nepal in 2010 B.S. This note provides you with the information about co- operative organization in Nepal and its importance. Learn More

Privatization of Public Enterprises

Privatization is the process of transferring the ownership and control from public to private sector. It is the movement towards market economy for achieving greater productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. These note briefly explain privatization of public enterprises in Nepal. Learn More

Multinational Company

A multinational company is a large business organization which is established in one country as parent company and which performs its manufacturing, trading and service business in other countries its subsidiaries or branches. This note provide information about multinational company with its features. Learn More

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