Major Programmes and Local Efforts for Caring of Earth

Subject: Enviroment Population and Health

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Major Programmes for Caring of Earth are environmental planning, worldwide conservation strategy, awareness Raising Programmes, national conservation Policy and public participation. This note provides us with the information about man and earth and major programmes that are carried out locally for caring for earth.
Major Programmes and Local Efforts for Caring of Earth

Introduction :

Earth is the common home of all the living beings. All the human beings they live in the earth . Human beings they can find all kind life supporting resource from the earth.People they do various activities inside the earth like , construction of a road, building , bridge ,industries etc. Which are very important for human beings but the human beings they don't know it affects the earth . Then , there will be different types of pollution , different types of natural disaster etc. The effects which we see now may be very dangerous the upcoming days .So , before doing different types of construction we should think about the balance of the natural environment . There is some major reason which is needed for caring for the earth :

Conservation of living beings; Earth is the common home of living beings . There are many living things which live inside the earth . some of the living beings live in water and some of living beings live in the land . They all have their own characters.If any one of them will be destroyed then it will harm in the balance of environment it means it will effect to the earth .So , this is why we should conserve plant and animals. The conservation of plant and animals will help to balance the environment or conserve the environment which will help to make earth live the longer life .

Conservation of Natural Resources: All the things like air , water , forest , minerals are present in the earth .Due to growing population people, they used maximum use of natural resources .They use natural resources to fulfill their need .People they used more natural resources due to which they can suffer from the landslide , flood. deforestation , acid rain etc problems . So , before facing this types of problem people they should try to conserve the natural resources and try to make the sustainable use of natural resources . This is how we can take care of the earth.

It is responsibility of everyone to care for earth. The care and conservation only made by a single country is not enough and also not possible. So, all the countries should adopt the related conservation programmes of the earth in their respective region according to the need. All creatures on the earth are interrelated. It is essential for us to respect nature and show proper behavior towards it. People can execute their activities but they cannot harm the life system. Activities of human beings have affected earth in any way. Some effects harm immediately whereas some effects will show effect in coming future. These effects may become challenging in the future. The earth is the only home for all living creatures. We should take care of our earth. We should protect earth so that we can stay here for coming future also. Caring of earth means protecting earth in any way.

Some of the effort and programmes related to the conservation of the earth are as follows:

Major Programmes for Caring of Earth:

The acts and laws should be formulated for the conservation and preservation of the natural resources of the earth such as air, water, forest, land, birds, animals, etc. Such programme should be executed effectively. Such effects are being made by different countries. Our country should do same for caring the earth.

  1. Environmental Planning:Each and every nation conducts various development activities for the promotion of economic, social and cultural aspects of the society. These activities should be carried out for the sustainable development and conservation of the resources.
  2. Worldwide conservation strategy:The earth is the common shelter of all living creatures. Deterioration in the environment may destroy the existence of the living creatures. So, policies and programmes for the conservation of the earth should be formulated on international level.
  3. Awareness Raising Programme:Various programmes and campaign should be launched in order to aware people about caring of earth, its importance and defects. It also helps to increase people participation. Different countries are conducting such programmes according to needs.
  4. National conservation Policy:There must be a national policy to conserve the aspects such as natural, cultural, biological, physical and social aspects of the earth. Many countries after drafting are executing them. Thus, such policy helps slot in caring of earth.
Man and Earth

Earth supports the life of millions of living organisms. Human beings are also one of them. Human beings are social animals. Human beings use natural resources of the earth to fulfil their various needs and desires. They conduct various activities on earth. The population of the world is increasing day by day. People are using natural resources in a very large amount and fastly to fulfil the increasing needs and desires of the people. Various developmental and constructional activities are done on Earth. If they are done without proper planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), it adversely affects the natural earth. Various activities of humans like, deforestation, pollution, explosive activities etc cause various problems in nature like flood, landslide, acid rain, climate change, loss of biodiversity, ozone depletion, etc. If the exploitation of the earth goes like this, then it is very hard to see the future generation of humans. So, we should protect, preserve and promote the natural resources of the Earth.

The Earth is not only the home or place for humans but millions of living organisms live in the earth with humans. If we continue exploiting or polluting the earth it not only affects the human but it also affects the life of millions of living organisms. We should not harm other organisms to fulfill our needs and desires. We should respect and honour the creations of nature. People should be aware of the importance of nature. We should conduct sustainable developmental activities. We should keep harmony and balance in human needs and resource conservation for caring for the earth.

Measures to improve the interaction between Man and the Earth

  • We should develop environment friendly attitude and behaviour.
  • Sustainable development should be done.
  • More priority should be given to forestry and agriculture education.
  • There should be the proper and rational utilization of natural resources.
  • Our avtivities should not go beyond the carrying capacity of the Earth.

Local Effort of Caring for the Earth

Various efforts related to caring for the earth can be conducted at the local level.

Some of the efforts that can be launched at the local level are as follows:

  1. Public Participation:The public places, rivers and rivulets, field and aquatic region should be conserved and preserved by the people of all community.
  1. Protection of forests:The conservation and preservation of forest should be done by the local sectors. The greenery can be increased by reforestation around the open fields. The dry wood, timber, dry twigs, etc. can be collected from the forest. But we should not destroy growing small plants and trees.
  1. Control of Soil Erosion:Soil erosion should be stopped in the cultivable land and field. Cultivation should be done by adopting terrace system. Plant and trees should be planted in the edge of the field which helps in conservation of soil.
  1. Conservation of Watershed:Watershed is a natural resource of water. It should be protected for conservation of water. To protect sources of water, the plant and trees should be conserved around these places.
  1. Preservation of the Cultural heritage:The cultural heritage of the country is the internal part of the environment. The monastery, temple, gumba, mosque and religious sites should be protected by maintenance. The peoples participation should be increased in the conservation of such cultural heritage.
  1. Fire of forests:The fire should not be made in precipitous hill side, forest and open field. Such work should be stopped.
Things to remember
  • Major Programmes for Caring of Earth are environmental planning, worldwide conservation strategy, awareness Raising Programmes, national conservation Policy and public participation.
  • Caring of earth means protecting earth in any way.
  • Some of the efforts that can be launched at the local level are: Public Participation, Protection of forests, Control of Soil Erosion, Conservation of Watershed, Preservation of the Cultural heritage.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers
The main programmes for caring of earth are:
  • Worldwide conservation policy.
  • Natural conservation policy.
  • Environmental planning
  • Formulation of policies and their implementation
  • Institutional reform
  • Awareness raising
Natural conservation policy: There should be national policy to conserve different aspects of earth like natural, biological, physical, social and cultural etc. Different programmes like conservation of bio-diversity, environment education programmes, environment impact assessment are observed.
The measures that should be adopted to ensure people's participation in caring for the earth are:
  • Launching awareness generating programmes.
  • Making compulsory participation.
  • Decrease the activities which are contemporary to the conservation of the earth.
  • Formulate and implement policies to discover and use the alternative sources.
  • Stop uncontrolled settlement and manage population.
The major effects of human activities on the earth are:
  • Population
  • Degradation of ecosystem
  • Global warming
  • Deforestation
  • Urbanization
  • Destruction of wildlife
Pollution: Rapid population growth and excessive use of resources have caused the environmental pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution are the major pollution observed. It has made human life suffocative. Different types of gases produced from factories, industries pollute the air. Farmers, for the more production use chemical fertilizer and insecticides which pollute the land. Because of environmental pollution in the recent years, we are deprived of fresh air, pure drinking water.
Major programmes for caring the earth are:
  • Formulation of policies and their implementation: The Act and laws should be formulated and implemented effectively to conserve natural resources like air, water, forest, animals and birds. Such efforts have been initiated by different countries.
  • Institutional reform: Various organization and agencies are involved in the utilization of natural resources of the earth and to make use of them. They should be encouraged to initiate programmes on caring the earth.
  • Awareness raising: Different programmes on caring the earth are conducted at local, national and international level. Such programmes encourage people to involve in caring the earth and participation increases.
Any two major programmes for the caring of the earth are world conservation strategy and national conservation strategy.
The fulform of WCS is World Conservation Strategy.
Any two conservation policies of World Conservation Strategy are conservation of habitats and conservation of wildlife.
Thefulform of EIA is Environmental Impact Assessment.
There should be proper and rational utilizationof natural resources.

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