Consumer Health

Subject: Enviroment Population and Health

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  • Notes 7
  • Videos 20
  • Exercises 58
  • Practice Test 45
  • Skill Level Medium


After completing this lesson, student must be able to :
  • Explain the causes of low quality food and its adverse effect on health.
  • Describe the concept and introduction of consumer health.
  • Explain the major types of cosmetic.
  • List of some adverse effects of these harmful cosmetic goods on health.
  • Describe the medicine effects of quack medicine on health.
  • List of some measures which can be taken to get rid of quackery.
  • Measures for protection of consumer health.
  • Describe the effects of quack medicine. 


Quality Food

utrition is one of the most important elements in determining whether a human being will have a physically strong, mentally alert and emotionally balanced existence. This note provides information on quality food and causes of low quality food and its adverse effect Learn More

Concept of Consumer Health

Consumer health deals with the decisions of the individuals made about the purchases and use of the available health products and services that will have a distinct effect on their health. This note provides us information about the concept of consumer health . Learn More

Cosmetic Goods

Cosmetics are the substances used to enhance or protect the appearance of the human body. This note has more information about cosmetic goods and its effects on human health. Learn More

Health Service and Medicine

The practice of quackery can be mentioned as under:Quack doctors and medicinal personnel, Overdose and over medicine and use of hard and expired medicine. This note provides you with the various effects of quack medicines on human health. Learn More

Importance of Consumer Health and Measures to Protect Consumer Health

The consumer society of urban areas and developed parts of the world has been facing many problems along with its development. Protection of Consumer Health is legal provision of punishment on production and distribution of goods and services which have adverse affect and harmful to consumer health. This note provide us the information about importance of consumer health and measures for protection of consumer health. Learn More

Effects of Quack Medicine

Quacks doctors use expired medicine due to which patients have to suffer from various kinds of problems. This note provide us the information about effects of quack doctors and medicines. Learn More

Characteristices of Quality Food

Quality food is that food which did not harm the body and help for the better development of the body and growth also .If there will be low quality of food then the people may suffer from different malnutrition and various another kind of diseases .The food should be clean and fresh so due to which people will be healthy . There are many other characteristics of quality of food . Learn More

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