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Aging is a natural process and it cannot be controlled by any one. This note introduces aging along with its causes, problems and changes that occurs in a ageing period.
Ageing Population

Introduction to ageing population

This world is dynamic. Our world is made up of all the living and non living creatures. All these creatures get old with time along with its motion. This is a natural process going continuously. IN the context of man, he is born and he goes on changing with the motion of time. The man becomes old by crossing the stage from infant to child, and from childhood to adolescence. The changing of the physical and corporal structure of body with motion of time is called ageing.

This is a natural process. It cannot be checked or controlled by any one. The chief reason behind ageing is specially diminution in physical power of man, attack of disease, diminution in defensive power, increment in mental tension. With the increase in age, the physical, mental and social problems go on increasing day to day.

Causes and changes in Ageing

Ageing is a natural process and it cannot be controlled by any one. The causes of ageing are given below:

  • Overwork which leads to wear and tear of the body.
  • Increase in mental tension.
  • Decrease in diseases resistance power.
  • Lack of adaptation and adjustment.
  • Decrease in physical strength and power.

The physical, mental, emotional and moral aspects of a person changes along with the process of ageing. Physical changes take place from birth to old age. Retiring from the jobs, loss of spouses or friend, decrease or loss of income, changes in social status, etc. are some major changes that seen in ageing.

Physical changes:

  • Wrinkles appear in the skin.
  • The digestive process becomes slow.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Eye sight becomes poor.
  • Loss of memory power.
  • Loss of creativity level.

Other changes

  • Creativity levels may diminish.
  • Problem solving abilities may decline with age.
  • Learning skills and short term memory decrease slightly.

Problems of old age

With the reduction in human's age, naturally, he becomes physically and mentally weak. The work done yesterday cannot be done today. As a result, the protective power of diseases associated with heart, lung, asthma, diabetes, joint ache, etc. and then they have to depend upon other. In this condition, they need proper love, care, affection and friendship, etc. People of age group sixty years and above are ageing people. They are called inactive dependent population because they do not earn any money. Human activities are main causes for ageing problems. The old population is directly or indirectly responsible for economic, social, emotional and other aspects. The problems related to old age are more complex in the developed and industrial country than in the developing country. Average age of people is increasing more in the developed and industrial countries than in developing countries.

Care of the elderly people

Elderly people are physically and mentally weak. They depend upon others; they do not get adequate pension nor their proper welfare schemes. So they lack financial security. Ageing problem affects in the social, economic, emotional and other aspect of life. Welfare of elderly person is only possible when we save elderly person from tension, and diseases keep them healthy in the physical and psychological care.

Following measures can be taken to care elderly people:

  • Elderly people should be provided with nutritious food and balanced diet.
  • Regular health checkup and medical treatment should be provided to them.
  • Special attention should be given to their personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • They should be aware to do physical exercises and yoga.
  • They should be given facilities for doing religious practices.
  • They should be made tension free.
  • Additional pension, honor and decoration should be given to retired people.
  • They should not make a long journey.
  • Clean and open atmosphere should be available for them to walk.
  • They should be respected and taken as important person in the society.

Importance of Senior Citizens

Some of the importance of senior citizens are listed below,

  • They can guide young generation to work effectively with their experiences.
  • In a family, small children get proper care, good suggestions and support from them.
  • They are our life provider so they have a great contribution to make us capable and dedicated person to the nation.
  • They have knowledge and experiences of the past, we can study it as a history.
Things to remember
  • Aging is a natural process and it cannot be controlled by any one.
  • Increase in mental tension, decrease in diseases resistance, and lack of adaptation and adjustment are the causes of ageing.
  • Eye sight becomes poor, loss of memory power, loss of creativity level, creativity levels may diminish, and problem solving abilities may decline with aging.
  • Physical changes take place from birth to old age.
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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Questions and Answers
Ageing is the process of changing in physique and physical appearance with the speed of time or being old with mentally and physically weak.
The ageing starts from the age of 40 years.
People of age group 60 years and above are called inactive or dependent population because they cannot earn their livelihood themselves but depends on other for maintenance.
Marriage at appropriate age for male helps to get more opportunities to work in social and economic field and for female; it helps to give to healthy child.
The following are problems of ageing:
  • Loss of ability of socialization
  • Insecurity brought about by feeling of inadequacy in daily situation.
  • Strong desire to be useful to others.
  • Feeling of insecurity and declined social status.
  • Physical and mental weakness.
The causes of ageing are given below:
  • Increase in mental tension.
  • Getting sick for a long period.
  • Lack of adjustment and depletion.
  • Degradation in the quality of environment.
  • Decrease in diseases resistance power or immunity power.
  • Decrease in physical strength and power.
The physical changes due to ageing are:
  • Ageing decrease the touch sensations.
  • At ageing, test buds become less sensitive.
  • Ageing causes loss of hearing.
  • At ageing the center of balance become less sensitive.
The mental changes noticed at ageing are:
  • At ageing, creativity level may abilities.
  • Decrease in problem solving abilities.
  • Level of amnesia increase i.e. short term memory power becomes weak.
  • Level of understanding decreases.
  • People are less sensitive towards the situational analysis.
  • Immune system becomes weak.
  • They get annoyed for simple matters.
The social changes due to ageing are:
  • Feeling of insecurity and declined status.
  • Recreation activities increases
  • Religions behavior also gets increased.
  • They become friendly towards kids and animals.
  • The ability of socialization decreases with time.
The economic changes due to ageing are:
  • They are economically dependent upon others.
  • They have no job.
  • They want to donate money to those who are needy.
  • They understand and try to solve the economic problems of peer group.
Ageing related disabilities such as raising anxiety, sense of apathy and helplessness have not been recognized as the problems in Nepal and have scarcely received any attention. The reasons are:
  • Families are facing the problem of economy and are unable to think of elderly people.
  • Lack of recreational activities in the retired life.
  • They are depicted as physically and mentally weak, dependent and in need case because pension and other welfare scheme are not good enough to support them.
The service related with the improvement of physical, mental, and emotional condition of the elderly people is called caring of elderly people. Elderly people are passing their life with great difficulty due to lack of power care, nurture and timely service. Welfare of elderly person is only possible when we save elderly person from tension and diseases keep them healthy in physical and psychological care.
The measures to care the elderly people are:
  • They should be honored.
  • They should be made tension free.
  • There should be clean and open atmosphere for them to walk.
  • There should be elderly homes (vridhasharm) where they can stay.
Ageing is the process of changing in physical appearance with the speed of time or being old with mentally and physically weak. The causes of ageing are over work, decrease in strength and power, lack of adaption and adjustment, degradation in quality of environment, nutritious food etc. Due to these reasons ageing starts fast in some people and later on some people. The developed countries are more prone to later ageing. Underdeveloped countries like Nepal are prone to early ageing. Due to less nutritious food, over work etc. underdeveloped country faces early ageing. Moreover, in underdeveloped countries people face physical and mental weakness. Hence the demarcation of ageing is not same in all countries.
The people above sixty years of age are categorized under ageing. Because ageing population are the groups of physically and mentally retarded and weak people due to the additional time span. Ageing is a law of nature and always continuing. Decline of physical power, attack of diseases, deterioration of prophylactic, power growth of mental tension etc are the characteristics of ageing. Thus in old age, physical, mental, and social problems go on increasing and eventually they become complex. At old age, people do not have strength due to which they cannot work properly; people face amnesia due to which they cannot use their mind properly at work. Hence they need to depend upon their offspring for survival. So, they are categorized under dependent population.

Developed countries are those countries which has high infrastructure. Developed countries have all the resources. Developed countries are very clean. There is no more population in developed countries. Due to its available resources, people are much healthier. Moreover elderly people are increasing due to the increment in life expectancy of birth. As elderly people are categories as dependent population, dependent ratio has increased tremendously. Because of increased dependency ratio, developed countries are facing slow economic and developing growth.

There are very limited numbers of elderly homes in Nepal for old people. Most of the elderly people are utilized for the development of the family members. So the elderly people are respected in every Nepalese family. Elderly people are living in their own houses. So, joint family is also famous in our country. The experience, skills and talents are used to solve big problems. So, the elderly people are respected in every Nepalese family. Moreover in Dashain also people visit elderly people for the blessings. This is a unique tradition of their communities by young generation.

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