Subject: Science

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  • Notes 2
  • Videos 7
  • Exercises 62
  • Practice Test 14
  • Skill Level Medium


After completion of this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Define fundamental and derived units with example.
  • Explain SI unit with example.
  • Show the inter-relation between fundamental units and derived units.



Measurement is defined as the comparison between unknown quantities with known quantities. The reference standard with which we carry out measurement of physical quantity is called unit. This note provide further information about measurement and units. Learn More

Measurement of Some Fundamental and Derived Quantities

Length is defined as the distance between any two points. The SI unit of length is meter. The amount of matter contained in a body is called its mass. It depend on the number of molecule and size a molecule of the body. Its SI unit is kilogram (kg). The mass of the body is measured in beam balance. This note gives us information about measurement and its types and measurement of volume and area. Learn More

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