The Cell Tissue and Organ

Subject: Science

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  • Exercises 28
  • Practice Test 12
  • Skill Level Medium


After completion of this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Define cell with different parts.
  • Distinguish between animal cell and plant cell.
  • Describe the relation of cell, tissue, organ and system.
  • Describe and distinguish different types of animal and plant tissue .


The Cell

A cell can be defined as the protoplasm surrounded by cell membrane, which works as a structural and functional unit of life. The outermost, rigid, protective layer found in cells is known as the cell wall. The non-crystalline, translucent substance found in between the plasma membrane and nucleus is known as cytoplasm. This note provides us the information about cell and various parts of the cell. Learn More

Plant tissue

Tissue may be defined as a group or layer of similarly specialized cells which together performs certain special functions. A group of plant cells performing essentially the same function and common to similar structure is a plant tissue. This note provides us the information about plant tissue and its types. Learn More

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